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We are DB Trans s.r.o.

Specialists in the transport of material and goods throughout Europe

The company DB Trans s.r.o. is a modern transport company with a long tradition. The main priority of DB Trans s.r.o. is the long-term satisfaction of customers, whose lines are constantly thanks to positive references expanding.

Stable teams of co-workers with years of experience in transport and related fields take care of providing services for new and existing clients. Their responsibilities and competencies are clearly defined and divided to maximize benefits for the end customer. Our goal and philosophy is that each of the company's employees correctly understands their position in the company, is aware of their responsibility for the quality of work performed, and thus supports the company's growth and the improvement of the services we provide.

I would like to thank all clients who already use our services. And we are very happy to convince everyone else that working with us is always worthwhile and that our services in many ways exceed their expectations.

Michaela Nitrová
Company executive

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Company history

The company was founded in 1998 under the name ŽDB Trans s.r.o .. The founding members were ŽDB a.s. and BeskydSped s.r.o. Třinec.

In 2005, the company was renamed DB Trans s.r.o.

The fundamental development of the company took place in connection with the change of owners of the company. Significant investment expenditures in these years were spent on the renewal of the vehicle fleet and on the provision of the necessary service, without which the operation of high-level road transport would be unthinkable.

In 2015, Ms. Michaela Nitrová became the sole owner, who was the benefit of rich and real ambitions for the company's growth.

DB Trans s.r.o. has gained a stable background, quality business partners, and is able to keep up with the competition.


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